Wednesday, 11 May 2016

EASTER 2016 Return of the Cub.

He came HOME!
We had a full nest!
Twins re-united!

So while Cub and Emily caught up with jet lag and office meetings in San Francisco, Pixen and I did a quick lap of the city walls because we haven't got enough photos of the Chester Eastgate Clock haha.
To be fair it was looking magnificent in the sun after its recent makeover.

The 4.45pm early evening shadows made a lovely photo.
 I always love the perspective in this shot.
And the geocache is still there ;)

Next Day

We haven't been to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool for ages so the plan was to nip over there to see the Pre-Raphaelite Exhibition and then drive back to West Kirby and walk across to Hilbre Island.

Thr Pre-Raphaelites Beauty and Rebellion was good. The Pre-Raphaelite Group were founded in London in 1848 but this exhibition highlighted the significant role of Liverpool in establishing the movement.

The walk over to Hilbre Island was scuppered by a ferocious hoolie and some ridiculous rainy wind (superb conditions for that wind surfer on the lake), poor  Emily had a shock to the system. But we had all the gear (how many of my coats did Emily wear in the end??) so we had a brisk and blustery beetleabout the lake and then positively belted back to Swifty's pub The Red Fox in Thornton Hough for a brew.

Great day... good fun and bracing, healthy, cultural and energetic. 
And no chance for the Cubster to compute.

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