Sunday, 21 January 2018

Darling Harbour, Manly Beach, Harbour Bridge

Day 4

Walked to Darling Harbour for a swift plank (as you do)

...but hadn't been to Manly Beach yet 
and didn't need to board The Jewel till 4pm 
so we did our usual
 Hollindaletightschedule ferry to Manly... 

...seeing the Opera House from a new angle...

...and just had time for a quick plank or TWO (as you do)
(though no one else did)

A Christmas tree against a blue sky would take some getting used to!

Once aboad the Norwegian Jewel,we sailed out of Sydney Harbour 

with wonderful views of the Opera House

and the Botanical Gardens

and Harbour bridge

to be greeted by a walrus in our room.

Next stop, Melbourne.

Koala Day at Taronga Zoo,Sydney

What a fabulous, FABULOUS birthday present.
A BehindTheScenes with Koalas and Wallabies at Taronga Zoo!

This tree kangaroo was 70 days pregnant.
The first 100 days is crucial.
When BabyRoo grows claws and starts to scratch inside the pouch, mum can (and HAS) thrown him out of the pouch.

We have had a Tasmanian Devil fridge magnet up on our fridge for about 25 years, I'm sure Cub bought it at Chester Zoo when he was a junior member,.Never did I think I would ever see a real one.


Darren, the Australian Pelican was huge.
Can't fly but can give a good nip.

Wallabies are small kangaroos,
This is Earl. At work.

The Echidna nearly ran over my foot.

Kookaburra sits in the Old Gum Tree.
Merry, merry king of the bush is he.
Laugh, kookaburra, laugh, kookaburra,
Gay your life must be. ooo-ooo



Mum and baby.

Wide awake and munching!

Touching koalas in NSW is not allowed.
Which was totally fine!

Baby koala is sticking her arm out of the pouch.

Impossibly cute and we were so lucky that they weren't all asleep.

A tiny,tiny,tiny slider.

And a baby elephant!

This wonderful cuteness meant we were too late to do the Manly-Spit coastal walk so we did an evening walking tour of the Rocks area of  Sydney which very conveniently ended near the Lord Nelson pub so it was fishnchips for tea again, because Australians are GOOD at fishnchips, especially the chefs at the Lord Nelson. Winnerwinnerpropertastydinner. #happyali

Watson's Bay,Bondi to Coogee.Muriel

Day 2

Ferry to Watson's Bay.
The coastal walk round to the lighthouse.
In glorious sunshine.
In my HAPPY shirt.

Stopping at Camp Cove for a quick dip and a plank.

And fishnchips at Doyle's.
The Aussies are GOOD at fishnchips.
Delicious once again.

The pelican was doing the twist.

We caught the bus to Bondi Beach
Why do people think Bondi is overrated?
I know it's just a beach but we were well impressed with it.
It was long, clean, had great sand, lots of surfers, no music, no sellers. loads of space.

The walk from Bondi to Coogee was lovely.
 6km of  coastline trails through Sydney's eastern suburbs walking past five gorgeous beaches.
The clifftop views were stunning.
 There were picnic areas and a secluded hidden gem called Gordon's Bay.
We walked through Waverley cemetary where the famous cricketer  Victor Trumper lies.

And we ended 6km later at Coogee.

We didn't have long though.
The Hollindales were on #tightschedule
We had a bus to catch and a show to see!
The world premier of MURIEL'S WEDDING THE MUSICAL.
It was great.

Yet another great day. Tomorrow THE ZOO :)